CoQ10 & Fat Burning

CoQ10 is a co-enzyme known as “ubiquinol” because it’s ‘ubiquitous’ in the human body — CoQ10 is used by every cell in your body. CoQ10 has research studies that number in the thousands, and in addition CoQ10 may help reduce the risk of fatty liver in people with obesity.  Other benefits include:

  1. Helping you produce more energy for your cells
  2. Boosting your heart health
  3. Acting as an antioxidant to protect you from free radicals
  4. Helping you reduce the signs of normal aging
  5. Helping you maintain blood pressure levels within the normal range
  6. Providing a boost to your immune system
  7. Supporting your nervous system

Our bodies require the reduced form of CoQ10 (ubiquinol) to help us limit free radical production.When we are under 25 – our bodies are capable of converting CoQ10 from oxidized to reduced form… however, as we age, our bodies become more and more challenged to convert the oxidized CoQ10 to ubiquinol, and our overall body’s levels diminish. If you are over 40 – it is important to take a reduced form of coenzyme Q10 called ubiquinol – as it is the most effectively absorbed by your body. CoQ10 is also highly recommended to people on statin drugs to off-set the CoQ-depleting effects.

CoQ10 supplementation was suggested years ago by the Atkins book as a fat transporter. CoQ10 can have a balancing effect on blood sugars and insulin, and may be helpful for reducing insulin resistance which ultimately can boost fat-burning. Dr Atkins tells of a study which showed improved fat-burning and weight loss when persons who were previously deficient in CoQ10 were given the supplement.

When purchasing CoQ10 it is generally recommended to avoid the powdered form. When it comes to absorption – liquid based CoQ10 is more bioavailable. CoQ10 is a large molecule and must penetrate the cell. In liquid form – usually oil – absorption is immediate. Powdered may be cheaper – but it is not efficient in the body. With an optimal supplement, CoQ10 pours into your cells – sparking natural energy production. You should feel a noticeable lift in physical vitality, an extra edge.  It should help you feel far less rundown or tired – especially if you are on the Ketogenic Diet or in the initial stages of Ketosis.

I recommend not using a SOY or Lecithin based supplement. Almost all SOY is GMO (Genetically Modified) and without being fermented cannot be absorbed by the body.

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