“Prior to my colon hydrotherapy sessions, I was suffering from the following major symptoms:
Chronic headaches and muscle pains throughout the body for more than 30 years, constant fatigue and sluggishness – I couldn’t keep my eyes open and felt very sleepy all day long, stomach pain and tightness/pain in chest, lower back pain at all times, Arthritis in the knees and pelvis, neck sore and pain (caused by car accident).

I went through a serious of decompression therapy in order to adjust my spinal and neck pains and was diagnosed with various yeast infections along with candida throughout my body and intestine. My daughter and son-in-law had encouraged me to try colon hydrotherapy to help ease my symptoms, so finally I went to see Ms. Wendy McPhail at Nethersprings in Hemet on February 15, 2008.

During the first two weeks, I scheduled a colon hydrotherapy session twice a week as recommended and was advised to supplement with fiber and probiotics in order to assist with the colon cleansing process. Additionally, I changed my diet to consuming just fruits and vegetables, focusing the bulk of my diet on leafy greens, watching my food combination and avoiding sugary foods.

After two months of colon hydrotherapy, most of my symptoms were alleviated and some actually disappeared, especially fatique, chronic headache, muscle pain, etc. Speaking of chronic headache, I have gone to countless eastern and western doctors in the last 30 years to no avail. None of them have permanently eased my condition or diagnosed symptoms relating to the cause of headaches. However, with colon hydrotherapy performed by Wendy along with her knowledgeable advice of staying healthy, my health has improved dramatically.

I truly appreciate Wendy’s expertise, genuine care, patient guidance and constant encouragement. I feel more energetic than ever and I cannot believe how colon hydrotherapy and eating a careful diet has turned my health and life around. Thank you, Wendy!”

– N. Chen, Orange County, CA.

“After suffering from migraines, digestive issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, Candida, and in myofascial pain syndrome for many years, I decided I needed to aggressively pursue some additional health changes besides the prescribed pain killers that specialists had given me over the years. I’d heard of colon cleansing but did not know anyone I could trust until my chiropractor Bill Cullins referred me to Wendy. For the past 8 months she has given me weekly colon cleansings and has helped me change destructive diet patterns which were evident in blood work I had done apart from what was available by my HMO. I have also used oxygen/ozone therapy daily as part of my healing regime which has made a big difference in my chronic fatigue. I have appreciated Wendy’s professional and knowledgeable guidance as she has gently led me through the often confusing maze of healing procedures that are available outside the conventional western medical practice system. As of today my headaches and chronic neck pain have reduced in intensity, I have more energy and my digestive tract is assimilating nutrients better which helps my body to heal. I am thankful for Wendy’s continued encouragement and skill as I pursue a healthier quality of life.”

– Debbie F., Mentone, CA.

“Wendy has educated me on lifesaving health issues. Her expertise as a nutritionist and a colon hydro therapist has improved my health in many areas. I enthusiastically recommend Wendy due to her high level of skill and dedication to customers. She continues to help in every facet of nutrition and colon cleansing. I am very thankful for Wendy’s knowledge and her thirst for continued knowledge.”

– Susan P., Seal Beach, CA.

“Thank you for assisting me in the first stages of getting my Candida under control through colonic therapy. My energy level has improved dramatically. I remember before my first session I was nervous, but you put my mind at ease by talking about the process and explaining to me that the elimination I would see through the colonic machine was all of the built-up waste from my colon. Even after the first session I felt much closer to living the healthy life God intended. Thanks also for the information on Colloidal Silver; it has greatly reduced the mucus in my nose – something my Dr. has told me is related to a staph infection. Your knowledge continues to astound me.”

-J. Lopez – Menifee, CA.

“I have been attending Wendy’s D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success modules at Perris Union School District. When it comes to these modules Wendy is very précis, and extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is educating people and excited to be doing so, I am looking forward to working with Wendy on my own health related issues, thank you for all you have taught me thus far and I look forward to the journey with you!!!”

-M. Tarantino – Oceanside, CA.

“When I first came to Wendy I was very ill.  I had been dealing with intestinal problems all my life.    I had been diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 20.  Had two surgeries by the time I was 30, and still had problems.  One led to another. I tried many diets, programs, etc. My doctors had told me I had adhesions and they were strangling my intestines and the only thing I could do is get them removed through surgery. I didn’t feel surgery was a very good answer, as my two previous surgeries are what caused them. The day I went to see Wendy I was actually considering surgery.  Her program made such a difference in my life, just after one week.  I knew after my first treatment I was going to be okay.  Following the diet, ozone, hydrotherapy and her program has made a big difference.  I completely trust her and am thankful for her expertise and experience.  It has only been 5 months, and I am doing so well. I plan to keep this life change as it is simple and makes me feel better.  I am still recovering and am not 100%, but if I had underwent surgery I know I would still be recovering and NEVER be 100%.”

-Kim B. – Hemet, CA.


“Where to begin! I want to start off by saying, as I have felt I have always been an advocate for holistic health, my eyes were never fully opened until I met Wendy. Her approach, her concern, her knowledge and her passion has truly helped me in my journey to being healthier and feeling better.

When I first started seeing Wendy, I merely was going in for a colonic. I was referred to her through a close friend during a time where I wanted to explore my options other than conventional medicine. Upon first meeting Wendy, she was a fountain of information. Her ability to see beyond my initial concerns was alarming because I did not see the same things she was seeing, nor was it brought up by any doctors I had seen in the past. While this was a little scary it was reassuring because she went above and beyond what I had gone in for. After seeing her a few times, and I’m not going to lie, being skeptical, she began to educate me and guide me through a process that would eventually lead to me to where I am now.

To see how things actually worked for me, I have listed the issues that I have dealt with and the results to show how effective following through with treatment and guidance from Wendy has actually helped me move from being unhealthy to bettering my body and working to help becoming and staying healthy.

Diabetes: I had been struggling with my blood sugar and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic when I first went to Wendy. Over time, it got worst and I was at risk for entering full diabetes. I can happily say, that as of March 2018, I am no longer on the verge of diabetes, I am not even pre-diabetic anymore.

Fatty Liver: For years, I had tested my ALT (liver enzymes) and they always came back very elevated. I was questioned as to if I was an alcoholic because my levels were so high. As of March 2018, I no longer have elevated liver enzymes and have gone back into normal levels.

Cholesterol: This is another aspect of my health that I have had a continued struggle with. No matter what I did, I could never get my bad cholesterol down. With Wendy’s help and guidance, I have dropped my cholesterol to the lowest it has ever been (still have a ways to go but showing significant change)

Diet: With Wendy’s guidance, I have been able to trade in my old habits of eating and move into a much healthier, cleaner and more conscious way of treating my body when it comes to my diet. This has had a tremendous impact on all the things mentioned above and also has helped my mood and way of living.

Weight: While weight loss has always been a struggle for me, simply following the guidance of Wendy and having discipline, I have lost 30+ lbs in the course of 3 months, simply through being aware of what I eat and through listening and following the advice that Wendy has provided for me.

In conclusion, my life has changed after meeting Wendy. She has been such an amazing advocate for my health and is not like any other practitioner that I have ever been to. Her goal isn’t to merely see and treat her clients but to educate them and help them work through their issues and come out the other side with a healthier and stronger body. I am so grateful and appreciative of the time she has taken with me and thankful for her going above and beyond to help me be the healthiest I can be! Thanks Wendy!”

-Alfred W. – Temecula/Murrieta, CA.