Why Choose a Health Coach?

As so many of us have discovered, the conventional medical paradigm is out of date. The methods of delivering care don’t work for complex, multi-symptom chronic conditions. And, more importantly, they are not equipped to help you make the actual diet and lifestyle changes you must make if you want to regain your health. This is where I as a health coach can come in. I offer help in a variety of ways. As a Health Coach who has survived and thrived after abuse, and having recovered from 4 auto-immune disorders – as well as breast cancer – I understand the basic health principles and nuances of recovery. Being a Nutritionist for 17 years clinically and also teaching in the local school district, I know what it is to come alongside you right where you are at – to stimulate foundational changes in a positive, organized, incremental manner. As a Coach I am also a great resource if you want to prevent an illness before it becomes a major problem. This might apply to those who:

  1. Are overweight and/or have metabolic issues like pre-diabetes and mild hypertension
  2. Have early signs of cognitive decline
  3. Are having trouble sleeping or managing stress

You don’t need to wait until a chronic illness develops to seek my help as a coach. If you’re contemplating any change and you’re unsure of where to start, I can help. Whether you’re beginning an exercise program, trying to leave behind the Standard American Diet, or thinking of taking up meditation – or other practices, I can help you reach your goal. Nowadays, technology is such that we can be in different parts of the world, meeting through the Internet! Its fast, easy and the sessions are recordable for your convenience. If you prefer your session via the phone or if you are local and want an in-person time together, no problem!

The top focus for me as your coach is you, the client. I am equipped to answer your specific needs when asked, help you through your personal rough spots, and provide whatever encouragement will help you reach the next step in your wellness journey. I offer individual and group sessions, so you can choose a format that best works for you and your budget. Why don’t you call today?  Now offering discounts – get your plan today!

Wendy McPhail, CNC, FDN-P, NBCHT

ADAPT Health Coach – (951)764-8685


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