Ozone Therapy – What is it?

I have found ozone therapy to be of great benefit for my health, and would like to share more about it here: OZONE: ITS THERAPEUTIC ACTION A widely used remedy is starting to be used more and more here in the United States. This remedy is so powerful, so efficient in what it does, that it may reform the practice of medicine. The substance is ozone! It is antibacterial, antiviral and kills protozoa. It works by releasing oxygen into the blood [...]

Dry Skin Brushing & Benefits

The skin is an organ of elimination just like the kidneys and the colon. More than one pound of waste products are discharged through the skin every day. If the skin becomes inactive with its pores chocked with millions of dead cells, then impurities will remain in the body. The other eliminative organs, mainly the kidneys and liver, will have to increase their labour and will eventually become overworked. If toxins and wastes begin to build up in the [...]