Cleanse Before Attempting to Build

The use of colon therapy for the purpose of restoring health can be dated back many centuries.  Despite considerable research in the early 1900’s documenting its therapeutic effectiveness, it continues to be a highly controversial and often misunderstood form of therapy.  Advances in medical technology have put bowel management in the background which has brought a loss of awareness of the importance of the bowel in relation to disease.

The goals of colon therapy are four-fold:  to bring about efficient elimination of waste; to restore tissue and organ function; to rebalance overall body chemistry; and to teach the client to be responsible for their own health.

Proper colon therapy should consist of cleansing and building.  It is crucial to have a therapist who is extremely knowledgeable and is prepared to support and guide you through the program of health recovery. The object of this rejuvenation program is not an attempt to make you merely ‘feel better’.  It is intended to rid the body of the disease-causing environment, which in turn brings about a higher level of health and awareness.

For over 4000 years attention has been given to the colon for the restoration of health and treatment of disease. Colonic irrigations and enemas are some of the oldest health care practices. The discovery of implements for giving enemas and records of their use are recorded in Egyptian artifacts and relics. Hippocrates and Galen both used and taught the use of enemas as a part of their health care systems.

Cleansing of the colon by enemas, colonics and fasting has not only been performed for purely physical reasons. Internal cleansing has been utilized for religious and spiritual rites and experiences. Cleansing the body of debris was essential to membership and participation in many religious orders.  It was thought that to attain spiritual awakening and purity one must attain physical purity first.  In ancient Egypt, India, Persia and Israel the priests were also the ones who administered enemas.

Most of us live in a state of spiritual amnesia.  We allow our physical senses to rule our existence and let them destroy the real pleasures of life.  We cannot lead a disorderly, careless, chaotic life and expect to have mental coordination and a body filled with vital health and spiritual awareness.  We cannot get something for nothing. We must learn moderation, balance and rhythm, for we cannot expect to have complete happiness or satisfaction without balance.  To help restore that balance, we must cleanse before attempting to build.


Wendy McPhail, NBCHT, CNC, FDN


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